Hello, world!
Welcome to my personal web page.
My name is Cadrin. The "Script Kitty".
I'm a cat who likes horses. Hence the .horse top-level domain.
Please excuse the Reddit spacing, lol. Right now, with no CSS or formatting, it's better than regular paragraphs that would just stretch across the screen, as this long line is demonstrating. Isn't this annoying to read?
This site was established on the first days of January 2022.

Nowadays we have convenient ways for easily publishing stuff offline.
Of course there's Facebook and Twitter, the "social media".
Blog websites such as Tumblr exist, too.
But I'm not about that.
Even still, for personal sites, we have content management software such as Wordpress, Drupal...
Well, I'm going for that Web 1.0 charm. I'll have none of that here, either.
Pure HTML, written by hand. Sheer static pages. Just like they did 20 years ago.

There isn't much to see here yet.
I like to play video games. For example I am big into dance games like Dance Dance Revolution. I might publish some entries about my favourite games here.
I also enjoy using non-standard software and hardware solutions that respect the user's privacy and freedom.
(Though I'm not big into Linux, lol. Despite using it at work)
So I might write about those topics in the future.

You can contact me via my name (at) this website's address, all lower case. Hopefully this is easy enough to understand by a human yet obfuscated enough to deter spam bots, haha.
Have a nice day! OwO

This website now has more than one page. Whoa! You can read more about me here: About

09.03.2022 - Here, there's a blogpost now, too: Remcon 2022 - Cadrin meets DDR masters in rhythm game paradise
04.08.2022 - Update! A long-awaited Wordle post: Wordle meta
10.12.2022 - Finally, a new post! And about dance games to boot! This one's quite spicy and spent a long time on the backburner: In The Groove was a mistake