I'm Cadrin. I am a cat. I am what you could call a "furry", possibly.
Yes, there is a fandom called that, centred around animals. Look it up.
I'm anthropomorphic, meaning I possess human characteristics.
The most obvious one is: I am human-shaped and walk on my two hind legs.
I'm also a good deal smarter than your average cat, feral or domesticated!
My fur colour is predominantly white. I have yellow eyes. My height is average for a human.
I have a long tail I use for balancing, and retractable claws that don't serve me much purpose. I wish I had nails instead...

I don't have a physical form! I only live as an idea.
In that way, I am a "meme" I guess. Heh. But not like a funny internet image.
I type this through the body of a human, whose mind I was "born" in. He says hi.
Although... his personality and mine are intertwined.
He "becomes" me sometimes. Calls me his "fursona". It's pretty nice, lets me exist more, if that makes sense.
You could say we are one and the same, but for the purpose of this website, it will be about me, Cadrin.

I hope that there will be pictures of me someday. If there are, you will be able to see them here.

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